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Intensive driving courses are intensive, yet highly effective methods of learning how to drive in a short amount of time.  These courses cover all the necessary skills needed to pass your driving test and can be beneficial for those who are pressed for time or want to get their licence quickly.


Are you in urgent need of a Practical Driving test but can only find available tests that are 6 months away, if there are any? We can help. With our Fast Track Driving Test Booking Service we are able to get you practical test booking in under 3 months.

Fast Track Test Booking

How Can I Get Booked In?


Step One

Decide whether you would like to book a complete driving course with a practical test at the end of your course or whether you just require a test booking since you already have your own driving instructor


Step Two

Click on the get 'Book Now' button at the relevant option you decide d to book. Fill in the form quick and easy form on that page.


Step Three

One of Our client Managers will be in contact to assist and get you booked in.


Step Four

This is the fun part, you focus on your driving skills and then PASS your driving test!

Features & Benefits.

Fast Track Test Booking

Fast Track Theory Test Booking

Beat the long waiting times by months with a fast-track theory test booking. Book in today and we'll find you an earlier theory test date.


Do you need that little extra help with learning for your Driving Theory Test? With our theory tuition you will get -Professional one-to-one tuition on up-to-date Driving Theory Questions with an Instructor. One-to-one tutoring catering to all learning abilities or any students for whom English is not their first language.

Video Tuitorial

Video tutorials are becoming increasingly popular as a way to learn how to drive. These video tutorials provide step-by-step guidance on various driving techniques and can be used by beginners as well as experienced drivers.

Whether you’re just getting started or need to brush up on your skills, video tutorials are an excellent resource for learning the basics of driving. They can also provide helpful tips for mastering more advanced techniques.

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